Visiting Your New Baby

Home Visits

When purchasing a Pomeranian from My Secret Poms All Families get full visitation rights to spend with they're Baby once a week up until he/she is ready for they're new home. I strongly believe this is a great way for both puppy/ies and new parents to build that strong bond, getting to know one another, puppy/ies learn your scent and know exactly who you are when the time comes for them to leave 

My Secret Poms Puppy Package



When you purchase a puppy from My Secret Poms you will receive a Puppy Starting Kit Gift basket which includes:

  • AKC Registration
  • Vet Records Includes:
  • 2 Sets Of Shots
  • Small Bag Of Puppy Food
  • Treats
  • Toys
  • Pee Pads
  • Brush
  • Shampoo/Conditioner

And other goodies


Meeting The Breeder

When buying from a breeder you should ALWAYS be able to visit they're home or kennel and at least be able to see one of the puppies parents. While there pay CLOSE ATTENTION to the breeder and the puppies parents, watch for temperament and appearance that way you can get a feel of what your puppy may be like. ALWAYS look to see if the breeders house/kennel is clean and dog's are well taken care of, watching how the dog's act towards the breeder say a lot! are the dog's scared? Do they shy away?

Dog's and puppies should ALWAYS be clean and well fed, full of life and of course friendly. REMEMBER to look for signs of abuse, mainutrition, illness, runny nose nd eyes, coughing and etc.

When Visiting with the puppy always interact with him/her is the breeder loving toward the dog? Puppies should NEVER shy away from the breeder and should be friendly towards strangers.

A breeder should ALWAYS care for the well being of the puppy and his/her dogs. They should be informative and HONEST about a breeder's physical and temperamental traits. They should be knowledgeable about genetic diseases that may affect their breed.

A GOOD breeder should be excellence source and a breed mentor for you throughout the life of your new baby. They should always be there for you and your puppy especially if your dog has a crisis at any stage of its life



Congratulations on deciding to purchase a purebred dog