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My name is Mari Martinez, I am a Hobby Breeder of Pomeranian's. I have been Breeding for 9 Years now. All Our Poms are VERY unique & AKC Registered. I am located near Modesto  CA. My main focus is Quality Pom's, I breed for a variety of colors & exotic colors. I strive for excellence in color, temperament and as well as AKC Standards. My Pom's are kennel FREE & NOT raised in cage's, they are supervised 24/7 & raised in our home. They enjoy playing with all they're toy's & love running around the house. All puppies are raised in our home and sleep with us, they are loved on 24/7 & come VERY much spoiled. My Poms are pampered once a week & brushed everyday. I feed my Poms a high quality dog food. All my Poms are up to date & are given vitamins everyday. My Poms are born & raised in my room, I am the first person they see & hear, they are loved and held from the first day they are born up until they leave. My Poms can weigh from 2LB to 8LB, I have had several Poms in the past just under 3LB fully grown.  I do not breed for Tiny Poms as it happens once in a great while. I DO NOT sale to Pet Brokers, I try my best to match every one of my babies with the right family. All families have my full support from start to finish & then some. If you are interested in my Pomeranian puppy/puppies feel free to contact us at the number or email listed above. I accept deposits of $500 to hold your new baby. Deposits can be made through Zelle, Venmo or PayPal. Puppies do not go home until 10 weeks of age (smaller pups are held on too longer until 11-14 weeks of age or until I feel its safe for them to go home) NOTE: Deposits are NONREFUNDABLE. Remaining balance is due CASH ONLY on pickup day. If you have any questions feel free to contact us 

Quality AKC Pomeranians


We Breed A Variety Of Colors And Exotic Colors

We Breed A Variety Of Colors And Exotic Colors

We Breed A Variety Of Colors And Exotic Colors

So Many Colors And Sizes To Chose From


Pom Heaven

We Breed A Variety Of Colors And Exotic Colors

We Breed A Variety Of Colors And Exotic Colors

We Strive To Give The Best Experience For Our Customers. When You Enter Our Home You Are Automatically Greeted By Our Babies, Feeling Like You've Entered Pom Heaven


A Happy Pom = A Happy Mom

We Breed A Variety Of Colors And Exotic Colors

A Happy Pom = A Happy Mom

We Strive For Excellence, Always Matching Our Babies With The Right Family

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